Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Scandinavia Owl Wool Applique

I find owls so irresistible! What more can I say, they are such cute little buggers! I started noticing them popping up more and more in different crafting blogs and websites.  Seeing them brought back memories of an owl pillow I made in Home Economics. This was back in the days when school budget cuts didn't deem classes in the Arts as low priority, Grrr! I have so many fond memories of our teacher showing us how to make things and among those memories is the owl I sewed together through a kit I had purchased. For some reason I am not the patient person when it comes to sewing. So, making that owl was rather the feat for me.
I am still playing around with different bobble ideas for the eyes and then I need to stitch and stuff them still. I still have half a dozen of them to still add fancy stitches too. They are turning out a little more time consuming to craft then I thought they would be. I imagine they will look nice on the Christmas tree or just hanging around the house as a decoration.  I'll post a another picture for you when I have completed them.

  I still have some work to do on them and hopefully when all is said and done mine will look as cute as these in the lower right side photo.


  1. Cute! I love owls too, I made a quilt with owl fabric. I have done wool appliques myself and they are great. I also love gnomes and mushrooms. Have you checked out www.weefolkart.com? They have tons of great wool appliques.