Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Banju Pillow

Nothing beats an interest outside of your work to inspire you and leave you feeling completely contented. I have been busy crocheting and painting lately, trying my hand at smaller this & that projects. I just completed this lovely Banju Pillow and really enjoyed the creative process in making it. You can find the pattern here by clicking on this link, Häkelkissen BANJU, Kreativ-Ebook .

This is one side of it. I used lots of bright, cheerful colors with a mixed style of yarn. After I completed both sides I pinned the backsides to a piece of material and sewed in a liner using my machine. I was careful not to sew on my top final row of each panel that is needed to enclose the sides and then I carefully trimmed around the edges.

And here's a side view. Instead of using a double crochet stitch (dc), I went with a tighter half double crochet (hdc) stitch to help keep its stuffing in.

 This is the flipside, I made the opposite sides different in case I liked one more than the other. Thanks for taking a look!


Tammy in Northern Michigan

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  1. Hi! I am about to make this pillow but wonder if the stitches that come in the English version of the pattern are for American or British audiences, do you know? Thanks!