Monday, August 6, 2012

Afghan turned Sampler

I was serious on following a pattern when I first started this afghan, then I just couldn't help myself and I started playing around with some different stitches. I was really impressed with how the corner squares turned out. They are from the Forest Chain square pattern and I added little extra kick to them with some single stitch outlining and corner cross post stitches.

I really love how they turned out, pretty neat looking! 

I also wanted to show you how I organized my yarn using 12 x 12 cardboard boxes, packing tape, and a few drywall screws. I wanted a neat way to organize and show it off without being too permenate or costing too much.
The neat things about organizing it this way; are that I can change the boxes around on the wall  into different patterns to fit my mood and decor needs, and I can also add or subtract a box at anytime I want to, just depending on my yarn stash. I was even thinking about wallpapering the outside of it to make it look all copasetic for me.